Volume 2, pages 1-11:
On a Perturbation Estimate for the Extreme Solution of the Matrix Equation
X – A*{}-1A = Q

Vejdi I. Hasanov, Date of publication: September 1,2017 PDF

Volume 2, pages 12-21:
Factors Hindering Investments in Forest Equipment in Bulgaria

Konstantin Kolev, Date of publication: September 20,2017 PDF

Volume 2, pages 22-39:
Property Rights: Factors Contributing to the
Generation of Income from Ownership of Property

Borislava P. Vrigazova, Date of publication: September 25,2017 PDF

Volume 2, pages 40-48:
The collaborative process of product design co-creation
with customer-base behavior and psychological information

Hui-Hsin Huang, Date of publication: December 1, 2017 PDF

Volume 2, pages 49-67:
Macroeconomic measures on the phenomenon of working poverty. Cause-effect analysis

S. Raichev, D. Stoyanova, B. Madzhurova, Date of publication: December 10, 2017 PDF