2018, Volume 3, pages 1-24:
A Nash Equilibrium Strategy of Linear Quadratic Differential Games
for Positive Systems with Markovian Jumping

Vasile Dragan, Ivan G. Ivanov, Viorica Dragan, Date of publication: March 1,2018 PDF

2018, Volume 3, pages 25-39:
Opportunities for Increasing the Employment in North West
Planning Region of Bulgaria

Konstantin Kolev, Maya Tsoklinova, Date of publication: September 1,2018 PDF

2018, Volume 3, pages 40-58:
A Stochastic Linear Quadratic Optimization Problem with
Sampled Measurements

Vasile Dragan, Hiroaki Mukaidani, Ivan G. Ivanov, Date of publication: September 15,2018 PDF

2018, Volume 3, pages 59-71:
Investments as a Factor Influencing Employment in Bulgaria

Maya Tsoklinova, Konstantin Kolev, Date of publication: October 30,2018 PDF

2018, Volume 3, pages 72-82:
Frequency transformation of the CPI for extending small datasets to big data

Borislava Brigazova, Date of publication: December 20,2018 PDF